Our wealth of experience makes it possible for us to offer the most comprehensive accounts payable examination available. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

This recovery examination is provided on a contingency basis, which means you receive all the benefits of the examination and do not have to budget any money for the service. Our fee is a 50% split of all monies we recover for you. We will invoice you only after you receive your credits from the vendor. So you will already have been refunded the money before we bill you. Win/Win!

We also provide assistance in reducing and resolving State Department of Revenue Audit Assessments. This service is handled separately from the recovery examination however both examinations can be accomplished during the same period. CI, Inc.’s experience in this area is immense. If you are being audited we recommend that you contact CI, Inc., while the audit is being conducted to discuss and/or dispute their findings prior to being given your final assessment. If you have been assessed, please contact CI, Inc. immediately to assist you in the appeal process. Our fees for this service are available upon request and can only be determined based on your individual assessment.