Profit Recovery

We are the experts in the recovery of lost profits. Our clients consider our service to be one of the most innovative win-win situations created for business in years.

CI, Inc., specialists will review your closed accounts payable transactions. Our objective is to examine every transaction in your previous years' payables. We then charge back all overpayments to vendors, including taxes, freight, incorrect pricing and extensions, missed rebates, duplicate payments, terms and discounts, shortages, etc. We believe there are significant amounts of money that are recoverable from the accounts payable transactions of any business. Our examinations result in income that goes directly to your bottom line.

Unlike many other firms that sample test your system, CI, Inc., will give you a comprehensive review designed to appraise your systems performance, with recommendations for improvements if required. Secondly, we will find money in those archive records that you have placed in storage, never having intended to look at again. We have never failed to find vendor overcharges, which for various reasons are erroneously overpaid.

It has been our experience that a good system used by good people can be 99.75% effective. Whether yours is "canned" or internally developed, no system is 100% perfect! Our discovery of errors is significant enough for us to make worthwhile recoveries. Our clients recognize that we offer an excellent service at neither a risk nor cost to them, and provide income to their current profits for past years system errors.

CI, Inc., recovers money for contractors, manufacturers, colleges, retail operations, hospitals, school districts, and many other various organizations. We are a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based company but service clients throughout the entire United States.

CI, Inc., examiners are experts in accounting and finance and extensively trained in our proceedures in recovering lost profits.

Our examinations are conducted in a strictly confidential manner and your name, as a client reference, will not be used unless you give us permission at the conclusion of the examination.

Our contingency fee, which is 50% of the recovered monies, is paid only after we have recovered your money, directly to you. The majority of examinations are conducted on your premises. If accounts payable transactions are available to us on CD it is possible to conduct the bulk of the examination in our office. Our examiners will handle all phone calls and correspondence regarding charge backs so there is no time lost to your company.

We believe all companies and organizations are wise to utilize our service. After all, at the conclusion of our examinations, our clients Cherish our Investigations when we recover lost profits for them. "We all love found money!"

"This service is a no brainer! Companies that do not utilize this service are plain foolish. It costs nothing and only increases the bottom line. CI, Inc. , recovers money paid in error that most organizations do not have the time, skills or resources to discover themselves."

-- Charles P. Case, CPA & Senior Partner of Case Sabatini, Pittsburgh, PA & CFO of Scalo Case Development, Southpointe, PA