Covert Services

Cherish Investigations will provide an investigator to work side by side with your employee in your restaurant, bar, hospital, store, business, warehouse, production line, job site, etc. Our investigators will work and perform the job description duties and be compensated by you, the client, at your rate of pay for that position. In addition, the client will also pay investigator fees and expenses. Verbal and/or written case reports will be provided to the client on a regular basis while the investigation is in progress.

CI investigators will visit your place of business to evaluate an employees job performance, to investigate an employee suspected of stealing, or even to watch a patron that may be causing a problem. Our investigators will patronize at your restaurant/bar to evaluate food quality and/or employee service from chef’s food presentation to wait staff performance. CI investigators will purchase your product to evaluate the service of your salesman or counter person. Whatever your situation may be or the kind of business you own or operate, we can help find you the answers or solve the problem. Please contact us today!

If you have concerns concerning fidelity, neighbors, business dealings, safety or simply need help building your legal case or defending your innocence, don't delay, contact us today!

Retainers are required for undercover investigations!