Surveillance Services

CI Investigators have conducted successful stationary and mobile surveillance operations in extremely tough environments. Our vast experience is essential for difficult surveillances. Mobile surveillance, in particular, can often prove to be a challenge.


Surveillance of manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail stores and other businesses are a service frequently performed by Cherish Investigations for a variety of reasons. Suspicions of theft or drug problems are often the factors that motivate clients to employ this investigative tool. Domestic, divorce and custody issues require frequent surveillances. In many cases investigators can conduct observations from surveillance vans or autos, however in other cases, it is necessary to be more creative.


Mobile surveillances are regularly conducted by CI Investigators for a variety of reasons. Truck surveillances are utilized at the request of a trucking company's management when there is suspicion of theft or "theft of time." Additionally, truck surveillances are often conducted for a shipper or manufacturer when gray market activity is suspected. CI Investigators regularly handle the surveillance of traveling individuals for a variety of reasons. These cases range from complicated theft surveillances and ethics cases to routine matters involving, divorce, child custody, insurance claimants suspected of fraud and unsupervised field personnel thought to be abusing their position or time, or committing workmen's compensation fraud.

Surveillance Equipment

Typically, we need no equipment on a routine surveillance, other than a dependable auto, a good pair of binoculars and a notepad. However cameras and video equipment is often used for documenting purposes. Please see our section on Video/Surveillances under our Protection page for additional information, equipment, and systems.